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Make MyPC YourPC
Personalize MyPC free by your own company logo on start and info screen and add a link to your website. You could use this feature e.g. as a hardware manufacturer/vendor. Install MyPC free on every curomer computer and embed your own logo and weblink. Premium offer hardware manufacturer.

After installation of MyPC simply add two files to the program folder (usually /Program Files/MyPC/): mylogo.bmp/.jpg and myurl.txt. The graphic file (BMP or JPG) will be loaded at startup by MyPC and used for the start and info screen. The first line of the file myurl.txt should contain the url of your website that will be used as link target when your logo is clicked.

MyPC Freeware or higher
Image format: .gif, .bmp or .jpg
Maximum image size (width x height): 300 x 100px
(Knock out the background of your .bmp graphic to make it transparent if desired)
Specify the url in myurl.txt (plain text) as folows: or

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