System tool:
Advanced system infos and features. 
  • New! Personalize MyPC
  • OS infos like version, product id, service pack version, IE version etc.
  • Location of important system folders
  • CPU data  like cores, frequency, manufacturer
  • Network: IP, computer name, workgroup name etc.
  • Display/Open IP of any domain
  • Memory infos
  • Mainboard infos
  • Bios infos

Control center:
  • Access system configuration like firewall, security center, services
  • Clipboard viewer
  • Cleaner deletes redundant files
  • Create system restore point
  • Enable/Disable system restore
  • Restart/Shut down system
  • Save/Restore icon positions
  • Run Windows Update

ProtectX Office


Clean your system
  • Delete temporary files
  • Delete temporary internet files
  • Delete redundant files
  • Clear Windows clipboard
  • Clear recyle bin

System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
Free space on HD min. 10 MB
Language: English
Enhanced Pro version available

NEW! 64-bit freeware available!
Click on 'Download Freeware now'
and select your OS version.

*free for non-commercial use.

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